egate fill

egate fill is a comprehensive and practical disposal logistics solution which not only saves time and money but is also gentle on the environment. Wireless sensors reliably and promptly transmit level and other data to the internet-based web platform egate fill, which processes the data into information and generates precise forecasts for full reporting. Based on the forecasts, task lists are created automatically for dynamic management of the containers or collection tours. These can also be manually optimized according to volume, weight or route. The web-based solution egate fill offers interfaces for straightforward integration of your data into your existing IT infrastructure. emz solutions help you cut up to 50% of your operating costs.

Benefits for decision-makers

  • Cost savings
  • Automatic and manual planning of tours
  • More transparency and control: fewer breaches of rules, no overloading of vehicles
  • Detailed reports & statistics
  • Enhanced negotiating position for the conditions on submission of transport

Benefits for operators

  • Cost savings
  • Less stop-and-go, maintenance
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Better services
  • Higher utilization of the fleet
  • Length of tours and time can be planned in advance
  • No or less overtime

Benefits for end customers

  • Cost savings
  • No overfilling
  • Fewer accidents and cleanings
  • Higher quality services
  • More transparency
  • New business models
  • Increase of positive perception
  • Protection of the environment
  • Containers last longer